Month: August 2019

Our progress to date

Update from the Commissioners, Steven Sinding and Gill Greer. Our Commissions have had a busy and productive couple of months. We have run consultations with volunteers, youth representatives and Executive Directors at regional meetings with the European Network, the East...
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Research on governance structures at global federations

By Lynette Lowndes (Commissioner), the Independent Governance Reform Commission Governance Structures - a comparison with other global Federations The Governance Reform Commission has researched the governing structures of a sample of organisations which share the characteristics of a secretariat or...
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International Planned Parenthood Federation – The Need for Change

By Steven Sinding (Commission Chair) and Lynette Lowndes (Commissioner), the Independent Governance Reform Commission The Need for Change , Le besoin de changement, La necesidad de un cambio, الحاجة إلى التغيير Introduction IPPF is a global service provider and a...
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