The reform process is overseen by an Executive Committee with a clear Terms of Reference that includes these five key areas:
  • To oversee the work that the Director General (DG) undertakes in designing, instigating and co-ordinating an independent review of IPPF’s governance and resource allocation;
  • To ensure the involvement in that process of key stakeholders in the reform process;
  • To oversee the process of bringing back proposals for change for final approval;
  • To review the budget for the reform process; and
  • To receive and respond to queries and concerns from stakeholders about the reform processes and to report regularly to the members of GC on the progress of the work of Panel ExCo

The reform process will centre on two independent Commissions:
  1. The Independent Governance Reform Commission
  2. The Independent Resource Allocation Commission

The Commissions are led by experts from the fields of sexual and reproductive health and rights. The ambitious goals of the Commissions, and the pressing time frame, required the appointment of Commissioners with an excellent understanding of the Federation and its complexity, but with enough distance from the current context to be clearly independent. Further selection criteria for the teams included expertise in governance and financing as well as a familiarity with SRHR. For more information see the the FAQ page.

The Commissions will consider different federated models, resource flows and governance structures. They will gather input through a series of intensive consultations with IPPF Member Associations, Regional and Secretariat offices, as well as donors and partners. See consultation dates.

There is an opportunity for individuals to engage in an online consultation process through this interactive website.

The engagement will be as wide as possible and will inform the recommendations put forward by the two Commissions at the extraordinary General Assembly in November 2019.